MamaCare’s Purpose

MamaCare nurtures women and their unborn babies with high quality ingredients sourced and made in Australia to ensure future generations remain healthy, vital and happy. Our flagship product is a high-quality Australian supplement that delivers taste, vitality and 26 essential nutrients to help meet the increased nutritional requirements of pregnancy.

Our Promise to our Customers

From conception to birth and beyond, MamaCare products are specially created to nurture mums-to-be. We promise to take care of mothers so she can give her baby the best start in life.

Our Previous Experience

MamaCare have more than 30 years experience in food and business and are determined to act with integrity on our quest to deliver uncompromising quality to the markets we serve.

Pregnancy supplement
Our Motto

Healthy mum for a healthy baby.

Our Message

MamaCare is committed to the health and wellbeing of mums to be and their children. We love bringing high quality Australian ingredients to the world through great products. We are committed to improving the lives of our customers, employees, suppliers, wholesale and retail partners by always remaining loyal and honest in every aspect of our business. We will always care.

The Names Behind MamaCare

Mama Care

Phillip James


We are big believers in ethics and integrity and I have loved seeing the MamaCare brand develop from an idea to a reality. Having worked in the food business for decades, I know that nutrition supplementation during pregnancy is so important for the healthy outcomes of both babies and mothers. We love manufacturing in Australia and using as many local ingredients as possible, so we can stand behind its quality. The reward of my work comes when the mums and partners of those who use MamaCare tell us how happy and grateful they are that MamaCare offers an alternative to other products, which they tell us cause nausea, discomfort and constipation.

Mama Care

Darren White


I have a long background in financial services and business, but the idea for MamaCare began when a pregnant relative of ours was visiting and she told us her vitamin tablets were making her gag. I’d already been working with Australian milk powders and it just struck us that there had to be a better way for women to get their pregnancy nutrients without taking a tablet. We did years of research and development to come up with MamaCare and we believe we’ve made a great product from our uncompromising integrity and quest to deliver the best Australian ingredients to the market. I call myself the MamaCare Brand Warrior because I love getting our brand out there through social media, expos and relationships with retailers.

Mama Care

Danessa Murphy

National Sales Manager

I started my working life as a Product Manager, which was a great introduction to the world of brands and the fast moving consumer goods industry. I love working with the MamaCare team, who are warm, caring, fun-loving people driven by their love and passion for their product. MamaCare is the best product in its category, and fills a very real gap in the pregnancy supplement market. It is easy to sell a product you whole-heartedly believe in, and that you know will make a difference in many womens’ pregnancy journey. We are fortunate that Australia is spoilt by the great quality food governed by high quality control standards.

Mama Care

Margot James

Sales Director

MamaCare is our own brand. We have all worked towards creating and developing a product that helps pregnant women in their journey to motherhood. We knew that some pregnancy supplements made pregnancy harder than it already was so we wanted to ease their discomfort and create a product that gave them and their unborn baby the nutritional boost that they need. Working at MamaCare allows me to meet mums from all walks of life who tell me about their struggles with nausea and constipation when taking the tablet forms of pregnancy supplement. I really enjoy being able to offer MamaCare as a delicious gentler alternative.

Mama Care

Jennifer White

Creative Director

Designing and marketing our own brand has been an enjoyable creative process of bringing nurturing and positive experiences to the pregnancy journey. I’m an interior designer by trade, so I’m mindful that visually MamaCare the brand looks as good as possible. I have plenty of ideas to keep MamaCare engaging and interesting with plenty of content and relevent information, with loads of recipes and healthy eating tips to come. Our goal was to produce a unique and positive experience for all new mamas to be happy, healthy and confident at the beginning of a beautiful lifelong journey into parenthood.