If there’s anything less likely to put you in the mood for a party, it’s being pregnant and not being far enough along to announce your impending parenthood.

Instead of shedding a tear for your old kick-up-your-heels self – that woman who may have once loved indulging in a cocktail, snacking on sushi and soft cheese and dancing all night long – it’s time to discover these three easy ways to survive the party season while pregnant.

Surviving parties while pregnant tip #1: Take it easy

The great thing about being pregnant is that you will get your weekend back with no hangovers. The awkward thing is feeling forced to attend parties while trying to ‘hide’ your alcohol-free status so you don’t give away your pregnancy before you’re ready for the news to be announced.

As most of us know, the Department of Health recommends drinking no alcohol during conception or pregnancy or breastfeeding to keep you and your baby healthy. There is no ‘safe limit’ for alcohol consumption, but pregnancy doesn’t have to be a one-way ticket to a boring old party.

Firstly, try to limit the amount of events you attend over the silly season. There’s nothing wrong with saying ‘no’ instead of RSVPing to all those Christmas and New Year parties (especially when you have a beautiful couch at home calling your name to take a nap on its comfortable cushions).

Raging hormones and all the extra blood volume associated with pregnancy make it easier than usual for you to get hot and bothered hanging out in stuffy clubs and restaurants. Thankfully most venues are non-smoking now, but try to steer clear of house parties where people will puff away on ciggies and expose you to second-hand smoke. Choose your events wisely – only attend things you really want to go to. Now is not the time to push yourself.

Surviving parties while pregnant tip #2: Fake it easy

There are some killer excuses you can crack out to justify your lack of love of an alcoholic drink. Why not try one of these 10 excuses for giving up alcohol if you’re not ready to reveal you are pregnant?

  1. “I’m on a health kick and eating and drinking clean for the next month.”
  2. “I’ve had a tummy bug all week, so I’m eating dry crackers and water only. It’s like being in gaol, but better than being sick!”
  3. “My doctor put me on antibiotics, so I can’t drink right now.”
  4. “I’m the designated driver, so no grog for me.”
  5. “I’m not drinking tonight, thanks anyway.”
  6. “I have a huge day planned for tomorrow, so I’m taking things easy tonight.”
  7. “I have given up alcohol for Lent (if you’re a Christian and it’s the month of March)/Dry July (if it’s July, of course)/Dry January (in the new year) .”
  8. “We’ve signed up for Hello Sunday Morning – you should give it a try! Head to their website to check it out.”
  9. “Ugh, I went out last night and caned myself. I have the worst hangover, so I’m not touching the hair of the dog tonight. Thanks anyway.”
  10. “I have a 6am boot camp session booked for tomorrow and I want to be at my best before my trainer whoops me into shape.”

Once your pregnancy is public knowledge, the excuses become way easier. Try:

“No thanks, not while I’m pregnant.”

“Drink responsibly usually means ‘don’t spill it’, but for now I’m pregnant so I don’t drink at all (and I can’t spill it).”

“I used to think drinking was bad for me, and then the government, my doctor and my pregnancy books agreed. So I don’t do it anymore.”

Surviving parties while pregnant tip #3: Mocktails can be just as good

Most of us think drunk people are fun – they are great talkers, tell jokes and pull out awesome dance moves. It’s only when you’re sober that you discover drunken people make terrible company. They talk too loud. They repeat themselves. And they tend to spill drinks all over you.

When you’re not drinking at parties, warm tap water is about as much fun as talking to the drunk people. Make sure you try some interesting non-alcoholic drinks to keep you hydrated and enthused about getting off the couch.

Try changing up your favourite cocktail for a mocktail, or add fresh fruit to sparkling mineral water (lime, lemon, orange and mint make tasty and refreshing additions). Kombucha – especially when it’s super chilled – can be delicious, but make absolutely sure the fermentation process hasn’t inadvertently created alcohol.

You can also make sure your partner buys all your drinks and agree on a code beforehand – so when others hear you ask for a gin and tonic then your partner knows you’ve asked for a sparkling mineral water or lemonade. You can also play musical drinks with your partner, by swapping his empty glass with your full one. Pregnancy is a team effort after all, so why can’t they sneakily drink any alcohol that gets bought for you? If you can pull it off it will work a treat because there is no actual lying involved. The only downside is that you could have a hungover partner the next day and they forget to make your morning glass of MamaCare.