These simple tips will take the stress out of choosing a pregnancy supplement that will take you from pre-conception to birth and beyond!
It might seem like the most natural process in the world, but pregnancy can also bring with it a constant stream of advice, recommendations, and opinions, particularly when it comes to choosing a pregnancy supplement. While for most women, preparing their body from pre-conception until the moment their little one arrives is a priority, it can be difficult to know where to start. To make the decision a little easier for mums-to-be, we’ve put together some helpful hints that will reduce the confusion and ensure you make the best choice for yourself and bub.

Consider A Liquid Formula

When morning sickness has your stomach turning, taking a tablet is often the last thing you feel like doing. We all know the importance of supplementing essential nutrients while pregnant, but if you’re dreading the thought of unpleasant tablets on a daily basis, you might be relieved to learn that there is another option – the MamaCare Premium Pregnancy Supplement Shake. Governed by strict food standards, this pregnancy shake is gentle on stomachs and easy to digest whilst giving you the extra essential pregnancy nutrients you need.

Don’t Forget Folic Acid

Many mums-to-be are unaware of the important role that folic acid plays in a baby’s development, particularly before you conceive and in the early stages of pregnancy. A diet low in folic acid can increase the chance of neural tube defects such as spina bifida, so it is recommended that, if possible, women take a quality pregnancy supplement containing folic acid at least three months prior to conception and for the first twelve weeks of pregnancy to reduce this risk. It is not possible to get the minimum daily dose of folic acid through diet alone, but with the MamaCare Premium Pregnancy Supplement, you can be assured of 500mcg per serve.

Increase Your Iron Intake

We all know that pregnancy places huge demands on the female body and your iron stores are no exception. De

mand for iron increases by 50% to account for the rise in maternal blood volume and the growth of the fetus and placenta. SOMANZ (Society of Obstetric Medicine) guidelines state morning sickness can be aggravated or even caused by the high iron content in some pregnancy tablets, however, the MamaCare Premium Pregnancy Supplement is gentle on the stomach thanks to the inclusion of a moderate dose of iron that is easily absorbed, without causing or aggravating nausea, reflux, constipation, and dysphagia.

Remember The Importance Of Iodine

Iodine is important for healthy brain and nervous system development, but babies cannot produce their own iodine and rely on the iodine intake of their mother during pregnancy to optimize their brain and nervous system development.The MamaCare Premium Pregnancy Supplementcontains 26 essential nutrients, including iodine, in a tasty shake that is easily digested and absorbed so mums-to-be no longer have to worry about getting the balance just right.

Power Up With Protein

Research shows that nausea in early pregnancy often occurs in the morning, particularly on an empty stomach. Protein has been shown to be beneficial in managing morning sickness by stopping the craving for sugar and providing slow-release energy. The MamaCare Premium Pregnancy Supplement Shake contains 13g of protein in every serve, not achievable with pregnancy supplements in tablet form. If you normally have a protein shake in the morning, it couldn’t be easier to make the switch!

Give Yourself Options

Who said that taking your pregnancy supplement has to be boring? We just love the versatility of the MamaCare Premium Pregnancy Supplement Shake it’s easy to take and can be added to many delicious recipes. Just add water for a delicious healthy shake, blend with fruit for a nutrition-packed smoothie, or even pour it on your cereal. For those that love to create, there are lots of easy recipes to be found on the MamaCare website