Pregnancy is a wonderful time to enjoy growing a brand new human being, but some days it can all feel a bit ‘meh’, particularly if you aren’t looking after yourself. 

MamaCare understands the importance of great nutrition to make sure you’re not only feeling your best, but also doing your best for the health of your baby. Drinking a daily glass of MamaCare will not only supplement your diet with 26 nutrients essential for you and your developing baby, but hopefully keep you primed for other ways to nurture yourself during the 40 weeks of pregnancy – here are some ideas …

Find your individual thing

Everyone has different wants and needs, and pregnancy doesn’t change that, however all those bodily and emotional changes during pregnancy can make us forget our own needs as a human.

“It’s so easy to get lost in the pregnancy bubble that you forget to do the things you enjoy,” says mum of two, Christine, who discovered MamaCare during her second pregnancy.

“I had to do two things to keep feeling good – one was walking and the other was staying connected to my non-pregnant friends. Sometimes I’d walk for miles to go and meet my friends for coffee. As long as I stayed in touch with my friends, I felt good. The minute I started feeling isolated, I would start to notice my aching back or my heartburn niggled that little bit more than it normally did.”

Self care goes beyond just the self when you’re pregnant

Looking after yourself with a healthy diet and lifestyle will go a long way to making sure you feel good and give your baby the best start. Of course it can be hard if you’re suffering from nausea or having strong food cravings, but staying on track to eat the recommended intake from different food groups goes a long way to maintaining your wellbeing.

what pregnant women should eat

Research shows most pregnant women don’t eat the recommended food group intake, particularly grains and cereals.

Caption: Research shows most pregnant women don’t eat the recommended food group intake, particularly grains and cereals.

New medical guidelines suggest that stopping taking a prenatal vitamin which is high in Iron can help relieve nausea, though doctors recommend continuing to supplement with Iodine and Folic Acid.

Dietitian Joel Feren – who became a dad to baby Ruby in 2019 – says cravings and nausea can make it more challenging to eat well during pregnancy.

“My understanding is that cravings are transient and only last a few minutes, so if you can resist early on and see if it passes, that’s always a good idea,” he says.  “I definitely subscribe to the idea of intuitive eating and honouring your hunger and fullness signals. If you do have a craving, then don’t eat the whole block of chocolate, perhaps just have a couple of squares.”

He also suggests pairing different foods can help deal with cravings, too. 

“My wife enjoyed teaming together apple and cheese. Apples are a great nutritional choice but if you pair it with an equally nutritious cheese, then it’s a snack that provides a host of key nutrients. If you have a chocolate craving, then try having some cocoa powder in a glass of milk or as part of a smoothie.”

Pamper yourself, pamper your baby

Did you know that taking regular time out for your physical and emotional care can relieve stress and anxiety, which is good for the future health of your baby? If you read our First 1000 Days story, you’ll see that parental stress and poor parental nutrition are linked to health impacts on your baby later in life.

Joel Feren’s wife Jo found taking daytime naps and keeping up with regular manicures and pedicures helped her feel good during pregnancy. “Jo did pilates, which boosted her energy levels and eased any pain in her lower back and hips. We kept up the occasional date night, too,” he says.

MamaCare also have an all-natural body care range available in pharmacies and online, which you can use to pamper yourself. It includes a body butter, intensive night treatment and stretch mark cream which contain tamanu oil, which has been historically been used to treat skin conditions. There’s also a luxury soap to remind you to take regular baths and relax.

Start nesting and plan your own beautiful space to be a parent

Impending parenthood and the physical changes of pregnancy can be demanding, but planning well and savouring the journey can make all the difference. Most of us make time during pregnancy to buy the right pram and find the new bits and pieces we will need to make our home baby-ready.

Take a look at interior designer Margaux Follis’s beautiful website thefrenchfolk.com and  be inspired by plenty of beautiful ideas on how to make your house baby-friendly without always spending a bomb. Margaux is a whizz at mixing and matching affordable finds to create maximum design impact on a relatively small budget. You’ll also be inspired by her beautiful photography (hey, she even has preset photo filters you can purchase to help make your snaps look as lush as hers). Oh, and don’t forget to take photos of yourself pregnant. Most of us shy away from being snapped while we’re pregnant, but in the years to come those photos can be just as precious as your baby’s first photos.