MamaCare for new mums


Now that you have given birth to your beautiful baby, it’s just as important as ever to take care of yourself. Your body is recovering from growing and delivering a complete tiny human! You’re depleted in energy, Iron and many trace vitamins and minerals.

There is so much focus on baby’s needs right now, it’s easy to forget to have ‘proper meals’. Continuing your daily serve of MamaCare will help support the extra nutritional demands of postnatal recovery and breastfeeding, right up to weaning your baby and beyond.

Remember, when choosing to breastfeed, everything your new baby needs to grow and thrive comes from you, so it makes sense to support your dietary intake with a good quality nutritional supplement like MamaCare.

Continuing your daily serve of MamaCare supports post natal recovery, vitamin and mineral depletion and breastfeeding.

Provides postnatal support

MamaCare continues to support your nutritional needs at a time when so much focus is on your baby.

Supplements iodine

When breastfeeding, an Iodine supplement is recommended to help with the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system.

Supplements folic acid

While breastfeeding, your baby gets folic acid from your milk, so it is important that you have enough.

Helps restore iron levels

During recovery and breastfeeding, MamaCare helps you rebuild your depleted Iron stores.

Includes vitamin D

MamaCare provides Vitamin D to help reduce the risk of postnatal depression and anxiety, and helps boost your body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Provides protein

A women’s need for Protein is higher during breastfeeding as it helps baby’s growing brain and muscles develop.

MamaCare is packed with B Vitamins, which have a direct impact on your mood and energy levels, especially helpful when waking through the night.

New Mums benefit from nutritional support

While breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally or easily for some, here at MamaCare we support and encourage breastfeeding for as long as you are happy, comfortable and able and that baby is happy and thriving.

It’s also OK to choose not to feed for whatever reason.

Either way, it makes sense to ensure your own health and that of your newborn baby is at its best. Recovering from birth can take quite some time so be kind to your self, nourish your body, rest and take your time to find your way as a new mum.

MamaCare helping new mums fight fatigue

Fight fatigue with regular snacks that combine Protein and complex carbohydrates to give you lasting energy. Drink plenty of water not just for your breast milk supply, but because dehydration can also lead to exhaustion. Producing milk for breastfeeding burns around 2000 kJ a day so make sure your food choices are healthy and nutritious.

Just one serve of MamaCare every day will help support the extra nutritional demands of breastfeeding with a vitamin and mineral boost as well as including a serve of Protein.

Postnatal support

MamaCare continues to support your nutritional needs at a time when so much focus is on your baby. Add 2 scoops of MamaCare to your favourite smoothie, for a quick and healthy boost of nutrients and energy.

MamaCare is a complete and nutritionally balanced supplement shake which supports the nutritional demands of postnatal recovery.

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