partners and pregnancy

5 ways to connect with your partner during pregnancy

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Your partner might not go through the physical changes of pregnancy, but bringing them along on the journey of gestation can bring you closer and forge a new intimacy to…
Nutrition and morning sickness

Pregnancy nausea: how to ease the problem 69% of pregnant women suffer

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The phrase ‘morning sickness’ can feel like an ironic joke in the first trimester of pregnancy, with ‘all-day-sickness’ a more apt description of the queasy, unsettled feeling that often leads…

Vitamins and Nutrition During Pregnancy?

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Maternal Nutrition is Important During pregnancy, it is important that you eat a healthy diet to keep you and your developing baby healthy. The need for certain nutrients such as…

Tamanu Oil is truly a super oil!

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Tamanu Oil is a luxurious skin healing nectar pressed from the nuts of the Tamanu fruit which is found mostly on the tropical Pacific Islands. Tamanu oil is 100% natural…

Pregnant Belly’s – Some Facts & Some Fiction

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One of the most exciting things about a pregnancy, especially for first-time mums, has to be watching their belly grow as the pregnancy progresses. First-time mums usually start to notice…