MamaCare Nutritional Supplement Sachet


7 x 55g Sachets

A premium grade delicious vanilla flavoured pregnancy supplement

MamaCare Pregnancy Nutritional Supplement Shake is designed specifically to help meet the increased nutritional needs of mums-to-be, before, during and after pregnancy.

MamaCare contains 26 vitamins, minerals and nutrients including Folic Acid , Iodine and a gentle form of Iron, which may be better tolerated by women suffering pregnancy nausea.

Australian-made MamaCare is made with high-quality Australian milk powder and is only available through pharmacies, dietitians and qualified institutions.

MamaCare sachets are a handy alternative to our 800g tin as they can simply be thrown in your handbag to prepare a shake while you’re on-the-go. MamaCare is easy to make – simply mix your sachet of MamaCare Pregnancy Nutritional Supplement Shake into 200ml of water. You can add your favourite fresh fruit like strawberries, passionfruit or banana and blend to make a delicious smoothie. There are also a great range of recipe ideas to make taking MamaCare easy. It is a nutritious & delicious way to take a pregnancy supplement every day.

You can read more about the nutrition information of MamaCare and ask your pharmacist to stock it for you.

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