MamaCare Nutritional Supplement Tin


800g Tin

A pharmaceutical grade delicious vanilla flavoured pregnancy formula

No more tablets!

MamaCare Pregnancy Nutritional Supplement Shake is designed specifically to help meet your increased nutritional needs, before, during and after pregnancy whilst breast feeding.

No need to struggle with tablets anymore, MamaCare is a Pharmaceutical grade product & contains 26 vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are essential for you and your baby’s healthy development.

MamaCare is the only Pregnancy formula in Australia which meets the high standards required to be registered under the Food Standards Australia New Zealand as “Food for Special Medical Purposes“. This means that MamaCare can only be sold by medical practitioners or dietitians; a medical practice, pharmacy or certain other institutions; or appropriate distributors.

Easy to prepare, just mix 2 scoops of MamaCare Pregnancy Nutritional Supplement Shake into 200ml of water. You can add your favourite fresh fruit like strawberries, passionfruit or banana to make a delicious smoothie. It is simply a more nutritious & delicious way to take a pregnancy supplement rather than trying to choke down a tablet every day.

MamaCare Nutritional Supplement Shake contains Folic Acid which is vital for maternal tissue growth and can help reduce the risk of Neural Tube Defects, such as Spina Bifida, if taken before conception and in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

MamaCare also contains Iron – a must for the growth of your baby and placenta, Iodine – which is important for the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system.

Vitamin D – which helps build strong bones and teeth in your baby and Protein – which promotes the growth of fetal and uterine tissue.

MamaCare Pregnancy Nutritional Supplement Shake is manufactured wholly in Australia under strict quality controlled conditions using 100% Australian milk powder.