Motherhood is an exciting time for new mums, but it can also bring nervousness and worry. Here are our top tips for enjoying new motherhood.


Eat Well

Pregnancy and breastfeeding is nutritionally very demanding on your body. It is important to eat a healthy diet and to take a pregnancy and breastfeeding nutritional supplement like MamaCare to help provide you and your baby with the increased nutrition that you both require.

Get Some Rest

Life with a new baby is exhausting. It is very important to get as much rest as you can. When your baby is awake, have him with you around the house with you when you are doing household tasks, then sleep when your baby sleeps. Just turn off your phone, put a “Mum and Baby are Sleeping” note on your door, and make time for yourself.

Get Some Exercise

Put your baby in the baby pouch or stroller and go for a walk. It will clear your mind and remind you that there is a world outside of your four walls. Walking together is beneficial for you and your baby.

Accept Offers of Help

You have a lot going on. You have a newborn baby in the house, there is a lot to do and you are recovering from the birth. If someone offers to vacuum the house or hang out the washing ….. let them do it.

Prepare To Be a Bit Disorganised

Newborn babies have their own schedule. For you, life at home may not go to plan and you may begin to feel a little out of control. For the first few weeks, just go with the flow, and learn as much about your baby as you can.

Find a Routine

Some parents opt for little or no routine at all; content to follow their baby’s lead. Other parents find that a very simple, flexible routine seems to help their baby, and helps them feel more in control. In the early days your routine would just involve feeding, playing or cuddling them for a while then swaddling them and putting them back to bed. As they get older, the routine will change to accommodate your growing baby.

You Can’t Spoil Your Baby

In fact, it’s important to respond quickly and lovingly to your baby when she needs attention. This will help your baby become more confident and secure and helps develop trust in you and the world.

Trust Your Instincts

We all read such conflicting information on what is the right way to do something. Trust that you know more than you think you do about what is best for you and your baby. There is no right or wrong way… just do the best you can.

“This too shall pass”

If you are going through a rough patch where you baby is crying and won’t settle, reassure yourself that it is just a phase and it will calm down soon. Sometimes babies just cry even after you have done everything you can think of to help them.

Take Care Of Yourself

Sometimes a good day will be just feeding and comforting your baby, getting out of your pyjamas and having a shower. This is absolutely fine. Try to rest whenever you can, and give yourself time to get to know your baby. Remember this is new to both of you and you are doing a great job. Just try to be as kind to yourself as you are to your baby.