Never in a woman’s life is nutrition as important as when she is trying to conceive, is already pregnant and when breastfeeding. When you are having a baby, what you eat and your body’s stores will help ensure that you will have everything you need to nurture your growing baby for the next nine months and beyond; but it takes time for the reserves of some essential vitamins and minerals to build up in your body. It is therefore very important that your diet includes healthy foods which contain these fundamental nutrients.

Preparing for your pregnancy, it is recommended that you eat a varied diet based on a range of 5 basic food groups such as:

  • Starchy foods like Bread, Cereals, Rice, Pasta and Noodles
  • Vegetables and Legumes
  • Fruit
  • Dairy foods like Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt
  • Protein, such as Lean Meat, Fish, Poultry, Eggs and Legumes

The very early stage of pregnancy is a critical time in your baby’s development. It is particularly important to have enough stores of Folic Acid in the early weeks, when you may not even realise you are expecting. So, taking a Pre-Pregnancy Supplement such as MamaCare in the months leading up to conception will help reduce the baby’s risk of Neural Tube defects such as Spina Bifida.

Introducing Mama Care into your pre-conception diet is important because it has been been specially formulated to meet the increased nutritional demands of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers by providing essential Protein, Vitamins and Nutrients which are beneficial to a mother and her growing baby such as:

Folic Acid

Folic Acid helps prevent Neural Tube birth defects such as Spina Bifida. The neural tube forms the spinal cord and the brain. It begins forming in the first 6 weeks after conception often before you know you are pregnant. It is therefore very important to start taking MamaCare Pre-Pregnancy Supplement in the months leading up to conception to build up enough reserves in your body for your baby’s earliest development.


Iodine is essential to the development of your baby’s brain and nervous system. Pregnant and breastfeeding women have increased iodine requirements. Iodine is naturally found in seafood, dairy and fruit and vegetables. However, it is hard to get enough iodine through diet alone, so it is important to take a Pre-Pregnancy, Pregnant and Breastfeeding Supplement like MamaCare which contains Iodine.


During pregnancy a woman’s requirement for iron also increases. This is because the amount of blood in her body increases to meet the needs of the placenta and the growing baby. Iron helps the blood carry oxygen through both the mother and baby. To avoid iron deficiency, it is important to eat plenty of iron rich foods as well as enjoy a nutritional Supplement like MamaCare daily.


The Amino Acids in protein are the building blocks of the human body. Protein supports the growth of fetal tissue as well as breast and uterine tissue during pregnancy. It also helps increase your red blood cells which transport nutrients and oxygen around the body. MamaCare Nutritional Supplement for pre-conception, pregnant and nursing mothers is an important source of protein for you and your developing baby.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced naturally by your body when your skin is exposed to sunlight. You can also get it from some foods such as oily fish. However, because we try to avoid too much exposure to the sun, it is recommended that all pregnant and breastfeeding women take a Vitamin D that is found in MamaCare Pre-pregnancy, Pregnant and breastfeeding supplement.
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