I love this pregnancy supplement. I always make
smoothies with my favourite fruits and add this one and having it from my pregnancy. Its is so delicious and contains all the essential nutrients so good for both mum and baby. I love to have this pregnancy supplement as smoothies because I don’t like to swallow tablets. I asked with my Gp before using this so you can always ask with your Gp and use this.

Chhiring Sherpa

I'm not the biggest fan of supplements in tablet form, especially vitamin tablets as they are SO big and usually have an awful aftertaste. I stumbled across this drinkable supplement after listening to a You Beauty podcast and thought I would give it a go. I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to drink. It tastes just like a milky vanilla shake. I started drinking this supplement before hubby and I started trying to conceive and I continued it during pregnancy and found it pretty easy to tolerate despite me having morning sickness through majority of my pregnancy. Now we're thinking of trying for #2 and I am using this supplement again. It still tastes great and I will always prefer this over a tablet. Yes it's expensive but I was wasting more money on buying different tablets and never finishing them.

Annabel Malhi

I bought this to replace the elevit as I couldn't stomach any pills due to having gastric sleeve done in my past. I was also hit with bad morning sickness so I wanted to give this a go. It is a vanilla flavour which actually wasn't too bad. It didn't have that protein powder after taste so it is drinkable but personally for me, I still couldn't stomach it because I was that sick. I think if I wasn't so sick I would have definitely kept trying to drink it.

Elle Rakete

This is literally a game changer! I was struggling so much with the huge pregnancy multivitamin tablets I was taking, and looked for an alternative online. I come across this and all I can say is thank you! Absolutely amazing taste and is so easy to stomach. I wish I would have discovered something like this when I was pregnant 5 years ago with my son.

Sheena Della-Vedova

MamaCare's Mothers Nutrition is a must-have for expecting mums! It's gentle on the stomach, packed with essential nutrients, has a great taste and it's easy to incorporate into daily routines. I feel energised and confident knowing I'm nourishing myself and my baby. Highly recommend!

Matilda Wilson


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